1. A representative from the prospective wiki will need to file an application into the org-application channel.
  • IWF Staff will mark these as “pending”, this means waiting on Advisory Council review.
  • IWF Staff handles Partnership considerations.
  1. Advisory Council will review General Wiki, Wikifarm/Wikifamily, Memorial Wiki, and Affiliate membership applications for suitability in regards to IWF’s culture.
  2. Advisory Council Lead will inform IWF Staff to update the application status from “pending” to “voting” or “declined”.
  • IWF Coordinator will inform the applicant of next step.
  • If Advisory Council approves, IWF Staff will begin discussion and voting.
  • If Advisory Council declines, IWF Coordinator will inform the applicant that the application process has unfortunately end.
  1. During discussion and voting, IWF Org members may ask clarifying questions or probe in regards to membership criteria.
  2. After all eligible voters have voted, IWF staff will tally the votes and announce the result.


To ensure the integrity of our community, we have implemented a wiki verification procedure that requires collaboration between our organization and our wiki communities. We recognize that the process of joining a new community can be intimidating and strive to create a psychologically safe environment for all members.

To become a verified member of our community, a prospective wiki member from an org member needs to join our Discord server and file a verification request in the verification channel under the Landing category. This application will be reviewed by the relevant wiki representative who will determine whether the applicant is a member of their wiki community.

Upon approval of the wiki community member by the wiki representative, the community member will be granted the “Wiki Verified” role by our staff. This role will signify to other members of our community that the individual is a verified member of the particular wiki community.


The purpose of this criteria is to avoid any 1 org member gaining unfair influence in regards to recommendations to staff, performing oversight duties of IWF teams, or reviewing applying wikis & fan websites. Staff will handle review of all partnerships. Wikis with few members are exempt from restrictions.

  • This will be “First come, First Serve”.
  • Any verified person from our org members may request to join.
  • To avoid unfair influence, we do not allow verified people to join on behalf of multiple org members. Subject to staff waivers.
  • We have a hard limit of three (3) people max from each org member.
  • This requires approval by relevant Wiki Representative to avoid disputes.
  • Wiki Reps have a seat at the Round Table, therefore are not eligible and avoids undue influence, bias, or otherwise unwanted pressure. Subject to staff waivers.
  • Outsiders that are proven Advisors or trusted consultants can join upon consensus of the Council.


If an org member gets acquired or merges into a parent wiki, the following apply:

  • If the org member is shut down or ceases to exist, then its membership is automatically terminated.
  • If the org member undergoes a rename or rebranding but nothing else changes, then its membership is retained.
  • If the org member merges or becomes a sister entity, we will re-evaluate its membership based on the following criteria:
  • Whether the wiki leadership team is dismissed
  • Severe changes to policy
  • Severe changes in policy enforcement

In the event of a merger or acquisition, we will work closely with the org member to ensure a smooth transition and to address any concerns or questions that may arise. Our ultimate goal is to support our org members and to maintain a thriving community that benefits everyone involved.


If the majority of verified community members in regards to a single org member are caught colluding, then the org member is subject to staff removal or a formal expulsion vote.

This vote ensures that the actions of a few do not harm the community as a whole, and that all members are held accountable for their actions. Our staff will review the situation and make a recommendation to the community on whether the org member should be expelled. The final decision is then made by a secret ballot community vote, which allows for transparency and a fair decision-making process.

  • Intentionally violating IWF values.
  • “Ruin the Fun”: Actions that “ruin the fun” for org members, such as attempting a forceful cultural shift, consistently unreasonable overruling, or shouting down proposals are not acceptable. We encourage healthy and respectful debate and value the input of all members.
  • Selfish Actions: Hijacking or taking advantage of the org for selfish reasons is not tolerated. We believe in collaboration & mutual support and will not tolerate actions that harm the community.
  • Frustration Tactics: Consistent voting habits intended to frustrate org members into quitting are not acceptable. We encourage all members to participate in community decisions and value diverse perspectives.
  • Any org member that attempts a hostile takeover of IWF, IWF members, or towards non IWF members will immediately trigger expulsion procedures.

By upholding these guidelines, we aim to maintain a positive and supportive environment for all members and foster collaboration and growth within our community.