Membership Guidelines


As an organization that values freedom, the Independent Wiki Federation operates on the principle of independence. By promoting independence, we strive to create a supportive community of wikis that are able to grow and thrive on their own.

To join our organization,

  • We encourage benevolent decision makers on behalf of the wiki’s and community’s benefit.
  • Host platform is not interfering with their hosted wikis by unilaterally imposing new policies or rules.
  • Wiki Communities should be mature and respectful:
  • Applicant’s community members should not display concerning or unwelcoming behavior
  • Wiki Leadership whom refuses to allow collaboration are not welcome to apply
  • Wiki staff are not unilaterally imposing new policies or rules without justification or community support.
  • Wiki community members should retain effective influence in regards to oversight of their wiki leadership, wiki policies, creative design freedom, hosting, and migration/freedom to leave if they so choose.

Our commitment to independence is a cornerstone of our organization and we take great care to ensure that each member’s autonomy is respected and upheld. We encourage community members to refer to our FAQ section for more information.


At the Independent Wiki Federation, we recognize that the choice of hosting platform can have a significant impact on the operations of our member wikis. Our goal is to provide a supportive and empowering environment for all of our members, regardless of their hosting arrangements or other external factors.

  • If an applicant’s chosen host has specific enforced rules or regulations in place, we will take those into consideration when evaluating the application. This is to ensure that our members are able to operate autonomously without excessive interference from their host.
  • Applicants are expected to be able to respond to community concerns or inquiries regarding their hosting arrangements. In cases where specific rules or regulations are in place, applicants should be able to provide clarification or context as needed.


Applicants should be a wiki that allows registration and editing.


At the Independent Wiki Federation, we are committed to fostering a community of practice that values professionalism, high-quality content, and the well-being of our org members. Therefore, we have established guidelines to ensure that our community remains safe and welcoming to all members.

Please be advised that our Advisory Council will perform a review on request and for all applications.

  • The Advisory Council may refuse moving forward where formal criteria is not met.
  • On advice of Advisory Council, IWF Staff or Coordinator will offer an invitation with priority review to apply.

Obtaining membership does not in any way transfer ownership or operational control of the wiki to IWF. We have no jurisdiction over how your wiki community or wiki leadership operates. IWF membership is conditional with our principles and values.

We welcome wiki subprojects of a project to join separately. However, we require that they retain their own jurisdiction and policies despite parent oversight.

When considering new applicants, we take into account the potential for infighting between existing org members and the applicant. We want to ensure that our existing community remains cohesive & collaborative, and that new members are able to contribute positively without causing disruption.

We prioritize the well-being of potential members and do not permit wikis hosted on exploitative or corporate owned wiki hosting platforms. We believe in upholding ethical standards and promoting fair practices within our community of practice.

Wikis primarily dedicated to political, religious, NSFW, NSFL, or illegal topics are not eligible.

  • Illegal topics include wikis with a primary focus on leaks, mods, cheats, glitches.
  • We do not categorically permit wikis covering not socially acceptable or disturbing to join. This may include uncomfortable levels of trauma, violence, horror, shock, gore, impairment of mental health, and dark topics.
  • Eligible wikis that happen to contain such content are expected to present the material in a factual, tactful manner with relevant disclaimers and reflected perspective.
  • If you are unsure if your wiki falls under these categories, you may request a review before officially submitting an application. Wikis or websites handling these topics carefully are encouraged to apply for membership or affiliation.

All eligible wikis, independent from their subject, are expected to present their content with tact and reflected perspective.


We welcome non-profit wikifarm platforms, wiki-family, and wiki ecosystems to join our organization as a collective, which includes the main wiki host platform itself and all currently hosted wikis. Please be advised that our Advisory Council will review all applications for this type of membership.

  • A wikifarm platform is group of unrelated wikis under a single domain or a custom domain.
  • A wiki-family or wiki ecosystem is a group of related wikis under a single domain.

Upon a successful application:

  • The wikifarm/wiki-family/wiki ecosystem collective will be granted “wikifarm organizational” membership, granted their own Discord server category or dedicated channel subject to IWF staff oversight. New editor type roles will be specially created to facilitate communication and collaboration.
  • All future wikis hosted by the non-profit wikifarm platform will gain “wikifarm organizational” membership provided that they uphold the wikifarm platform and IWF’s principles & values.
  • In regards to IWF values to cooperate, all “wikifarm organizational” members shall formally observe and respect a non aggression pact.
  • It is expected that our wikifarm organizational members do not engage in direct or indirect poaching of wikis hosted by our other wikifarm organizational org members.
  • Wikifarm organizational members should respect the decision, made without unethical or outside interference, of their hosted wiki communities to stay or leave.
  • Intending to move wikis to alternative stable wiki hosting due to a wiki hosting platform’s instability and obtaining the impacted wiki community’s agreement is not considered unethical poaching or a violation of IWF values.
  • If a wikifarm organizational member is impacted, we will first try to resolve otherwise should collapse be imminent then the wikifarm organizational membership will be revoked.
  • IWF will assist impacted wikis of our wikifarm organizational member to find alternative wiki hosting to allow continued individual org membership. Hardship waivers can be granted to skip having to reapply at IWF community discretion.

If a non-profit wikifarm platform adds paid premium wiki hosting under the same branding, their wikifarm organizational membership will undergo re-evaluation. Founding Members are exempt.

In the unfortunate event of a wikifarm hosted wiki’s behavior being deemed unacceptable by the host after thorough investigation. The IWF advises to end hosting rather than the host forcefully removing a member of wiki leadership. A copy of data is expected to be given.


We understand the importance of preserving the community’s efforts, particularly in cases where a Brand/Franchise finishes or goes dormant without warning. To support this effort, we offer Memorial Membership to well-designed and high-quality wikis that take steps to maintain their community’s work such that valuable contributions made are not lost. In such cases, the “Activity” requirement is waived. However, the wiki must remain online to maintain org membership.


We welcome Official Wikis to join our organization. Please be advised that our Advisory Council will review all applications for official wiki membership.

IWF considers “Official Status” to meet these criteria:

  • IP owner under a formal agreement is covering server costs or is formally hosting the wiki.
  • IP owner has established a mutually beneficial collaboration with the wiki community:
  • has not imposed restrictive policies or specified a particular layout that may hinder the wiki’s growth
  • has authorized IP material to be posted on the wiki
  • promotes the wiki on official social media channels, formal website, in media/entertainment, or in-game
  • benevolently interacts with wiki community with any concerns or suggested improvements
  • Wiki community respects the IP’s brand and reputation.
  • An official wiki that restricts editing to approved editors is not eligible for membership. IWF considers this to be “official documentation”.


  • Fan websites may apply as affiliates.
  • Applicants may apply if joining would not cause infighting between existing org members or affiliates.


  • Applicant is intending to form a close collaboration with IWF and is a valuable resource to the overall wiki community.
  • Applicant is considered of high quality and professional. No infighting with Org members or Affiliates.


Applicants must meet the following stability criteria:

  • The wiki community is well established within their fan base.
  • The wiki community atmosphere should be welcoming, friendly, and enjoyable.
  • The wiki community retains good staff management.
  • The wiki community is not in danger of collapse in the foreseeable future.


An active and engaged community is crucial to our community of practice. Therefore, we have established guidelines for activity that all members should strive to uphold.

  • Members should have an active community who regularly contribute to the wiki’s content, maintain the wiki’s quality, and ensure any wiki branded social areas are active. However, we understand that a wiki’s activity may be proportional to the relevant franchise/brand’s social engagement or product releases and we will take this into account.
  • It is important that wikis are functional, with any migrations mostly completed. Wikis should have clear policies in place to ensure a safe and welcoming community of practice for all members. Additionally, active staff should be available to help manage and maintain the wiki.


We have established guidelines that ensure our org members conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively on themselves, the existing IWF community, and any prospective new members. We encourage healthy respectful debate and value the input of all members. Actions that harm the overall wiki community will not be tolerated.

  • We expect our org member’s communities to not display concerning or unwelcoming behavior.
  • Selfish behavior, trying to “Ruin the Fun”, plots or attempts at hostile takeover, frustration tactics will not be tolerated.
  • We encourage our org member’s leadership to promote collaboration, community concensus, and benevolent decision making.
  • We encourage our org member’s communities to retain effective influence in regards to oversight of their wiki leadership, wiki policies, creative design freedom, hosting, and freedom to leave if they so choose.
  • We expect our org members to conduct themselves professionally on their branded social platforms and in interactions with other org members.
  • We expect our org members to maintain a level of respect towards the IWF organization.

Wiki representatives are expected to act as the face of their respective wikis and uphold the same level of professionalism and respect. This includes being civil in all interactions and conducting themselves in a respectful and professional manner.

Verified members of an org member are expected to maintain a level of civility and respect towards others. This includes refraining from instigating fights or engaging in unwelcoming behavior towards other members.


The IWF values active participation from all our members, as it allows us to achieve our mission and engage in collaborative endeavors that benefit all communities involved. By supporting one another, we can broaden our reach and enrich our own communities in the process. We encourage all members to contribute actively and take advantage of the resources available within our community of practice.


We understand that our members may face unforeseen challenges that prevent them from maintaining their wiki’s activity. As a community of practice, we aim to be supportive and flexible in these situations. Members who inform us of extenuating circumstances with appropriate notice and go offline afterward will be granted a four-month waiver from “inactivity” removal as long as they return online within a reasonable amount of time.

Examples of extenuating circumstances include sudden data center failure, loss of financial stability, and loss of paid or volunteer system administrators. If the circumstance is due to lack of funding, we expect that a reasonable offer by investors will be accepted to get the member back online. Our emergency funding can be offered upon org approval and we expect members to accept. If the circumstance is due to lack of system administrators, we expect that a reasonable offer by a volunteer system administrator will be accepted and control of IT Infrastructure is transferred.

If members inform us prior to their wiki going offline for an extended period, this will not trigger “inactivity” removal. Reasonable extensions can be granted upon request. However, refusing reasonable offers to get back online may result in extension requests being denied and Org membership placed in jeopardy.

In the case of a member being part of a wiki hosting platform that is subsequently sold, we require them to find new hosting within three months. We believe that active participation is crucial to achieving our mission and collaborative endeavors, and we encourage all members to support this goal.