What is IWF?

  • IWF is an alliance of independent wikis similar to NIWA, SEIWA, or GWN. While our scope is much broader, We mainly focus on lifestyle, entertainment, and gaming independent wikis; however any independent wikis may apply to join. This is meant to connect wiki communities and have a fun time together.

Are there any membership fees join?

  • $0. There are no fees to join, you only need to meet org membership criteria.

Are there any expectation to provide technical support?

  • There is no expectation or obligation to assist org members with technical support. We have a volunteer tech team available to assist with any issues that arise.

What are the expectations of a founding member?

  • IWF expects that our founding members are role models for the organization and conduct themselves professionally.

What do you get from joining?

  • Founding members will gain special perks.
  • All members will have access to technical support by volunteer sys admins, access to our Tech Library wiki, merchandise shop to list wiki branded items, submit blog or news articles to promote their wiki on our blog, access to IWF’s emergency funding to cover hosting costs, and custom developed mediawiki features.

What happens when an IWF member wishes to leave?

  • IWF will bid the org member farewell. Always free to return at any time.
  • IWF requests that the departing org member removes all mentions of IWF from their wiki.

What is the difference between self hosting vs Miraheze vs WikiForge/WikiTide vs IWF?

  • There will be no change to your IT Infrastructure or current hosting for joining.
  • IWF is not a wiki hosting platform, we are an alliance between various independent wikis.
  • We do have a potential plan to offer premium wiki hosting as a partner service. As this is a benefit to org community members, pricing will be very close to actual infrastructure cost.

We allow the following non-profit wikifarms/wiki collective, paid hosting services, and commercial platforms to apply

  • Non-profit Wiki Hosting: Miraheze, ABXY, Weird Gloop, Liquipedia
  • Paid Wiki Hosting: Host Knox, Host Dash, mywikis.com, professional.wiki

Joining Staff

  • The existing staff team will reach out to prospective community members to gauge interest before making an offer.

General Eligibility

  • Wiki maintains stable funding by Ad Revenue, Community crowd funding, or investor(s) paying out of pocket
  • Investors are not imposing broad control or unnecessarily strict rules.
  • Volunteer sys admins are not imposing broad control or unnecessarily strict rules.
  • Wiki Community retains creative control and oversight of their staff & sys admins/hosts.