Membership Penalties


At the IWF, we value the well-being and reputation of our organization and strive to maintain a positive and supportive environment for all members. To achieve this, we have established guidelines for our staff and members to ensure that everyone is held accountable for their actions.

  • Staff Moderation: Our staff has the authority to moderate and defend the organization’s well-being and reputation. This includes removing any content or members that violate our rules or pose a threat to the community.
  • Removal of Disruptive Members: Any server member whose behavior becomes disruptive is subject to staff removal. We strive to maintain a welcoming and inclusive environment for all members and will not tolerate disruptive behavior.
  • Collusion: Community members or mods of an org member suspected of colluding or proven to collude are subject to staff removal. Collusion goes against the principles of collaboration and transparency that we value in our community.
  • Hostile Takeover: Attempting a hostile takeover of IWF, any org members, partners, or allies results in a ban.


  • Org members who have been removed for “inactivity” may be reconsidered for membership once they resume activity and maintain it for at least two (2) months before submitting reapplication.
  • Failure to adhere to organization standards may trigger the expulsion process. This includes unprofessional conduct and conduct unbecoming behavior.
  • Org members who have been long-term suspended or repeatedly suspended may be subject to expulsion.
  • If an Org member’s wiki is at risk of collapse, the Org will notify the member and provide a maximum of two (2) months to address the issue.
  • If an Org member’s wiki community has collapsed or is beyond repair, it will trigger the expulsion process.
  • Selling or Transferring membership to a for-profit corporation will result in instant forfeiture of membership. Non-profit foundation acting as the legal entity are exempt.


Membership in the IWF Org is a privilege that comes with responsibilities and expectations. In order to maintain a positive and productive community of practice, we have established guidelines for membership suspension. In using the term “personnel”, we refer to community members from an org member.

  • Any Org Member or personnel who displays aggressive, arrogant, bossy, or tyrannical behavior towards others will be subject to a one-month suspension.
  • Org Members or personnel who encourage or create a negative environment will not be tolerated.
  • All voting powers and access to participate will be revoked from all personnel of the suspended org member. personnel that are verified for multiple org members will be handled on a case by case basis.
  • Picking fights with IWF Org staff, Founding org members, Advisory Council, Org members, or community members is not acceptable.
  • IWF Staff, Founding Org members, and Advisory Council members are expected to not instigate or pick fights with our community.
  • Repeated violations may result in expulsion by a formal vote or by IWF staff.
  • Conduct unbecoming behavior by a member’s staff during interactions with IWF Org’s Branded social areas, at the member’s wiki, or at member wiki’s branded social areas will result in membership suspension.
  • Conduct unbecoming behavior by an org member’s Wiki Rep will result in their removal.
  • The Org Member will be advised to choose a replacement within 96 hours. Failure to do so may result in the temporary revocation of voting powers of relevant personnel and may trigger the expulsion procedures.
  • Repeated removals of selected wiki reps by an Org member or uncivil DM dispute over selecting a Wiki Rep with IWF org staff will result in suspension procedures. We encourage all members to act with civility, respect, and professionalism, and to support our mission and collaborative endeavors.


  • While a single org’s staff member’s views may not be grounds for expulsion considerations, repeated and intentional actions that go against the organization’s mission and values will be addressed.
  • Inactivity removal will be considered on a case-by-case basis, taking into account extenuating circumstances and the overall health of the wiki community. Inactive org members may have their membership formally changed to “Memorial membership”.